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Beautiful mature women - amateurs, sophisticates and professional women all over 40 years of age: aged to perfection, only an experienced woman can be this sexy.

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1/9/2007 3rd new set of Mayan Lee photos added: nude on the bed fucking herself with a dildo.
12/19/2007 More of Mayan Lee, a 42 year old Chinese beauty who gives new dimensions to MILF, added. A new set scanned from film is now up in the Gallery
6/14/2007 New video of mature blondeTayler added.
6/6/2007 We're back!
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5/7/2007 New video of Tayler riding cock and swallowing cum
7/17/2006 New video of Tayler in hardcore cock sucking action.
2/25/2006 New photos: Tayler Grey nude in lingerie .
1/9/2004 3rd Tayler Grey photo set Sucking, fucking and an anal creampie supersize 1600x1200 set
1/72004 New Tayler Grey photo set: blowjob and titfucking POV photo set:
11/22/2004 New model: Tayler Grey, 44 years old. Glamour , toys, and boy-girl hardcore straight, anal and oral. 1st photo set of her exposing herself in the hotel lobby is now up.
10/22/03 Isadora Marshall -- fifry years old using toys for the first time ever. 1st Photo set now up
10/13/03 Aunt Pam and her Niece Misti return in the 2nd of 4 photo sets of their lesbian tryst.
10/8/03 Mayan Lee added
The first photo set is now up and more coming! Tall, slim 42 y.o. and exotic -- MUST SEE pictures from our magazine photo session!
8/9/03 More Tawny Ocean From the archives, a set previously overlooked - and found nowhere else - a set of Tawny getting herself off with a dildo and a butt plug.
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